Tuesday, June 2, 2015

10 Hotel Safety Tips

Last week was a fun and great day for our family. We enjoyed the relaxing ambience and the massage facilities available on a Water Spa in Quezon City.  After 4 hours of water massage service, we went to the nearest Quezon City hotel and spent the night there. Because we are so tired, we immediately slept without even locking the door. We are blessed that nothing happened to us. All of our things are still complete, and of course I’m thankful that we are still alive.  With this incident happening, I realized that maybe it is a good idea to put up a check list of what you should do to keep you safe inside a hotel.

1.       If someone is knocking outside your door, don’t answer it immediately. Verify first who it is. If         that person tells that he/she is a staff of the hotel, call the front desk officer and verify if it was           true. Also, ask for what it was for.

2.       Keep your room key as close to you as possible. Always keep it and never display it to the public.       In case, you lost the key, inform the front desk officer immediately.

3.       Lock the door at all times. Never leave the door open.

4.       Check if all the sliding windows are locked.

5.       Never carelessly display huge amounts of cash or jewelries which will draw attention from                 robbers.

6.       Put all your valuables inside the safest place inside the room.

7.       When going out of the hotel, walk on well lighted areas.

8.       If you suspect any suspicious inside the hotel, report it to the front desk officer immediately.

9.       Take time in locating the nearest fire exit to your room.

10.   Never invite people you don’t know personally inside the room.

Following these 10 tips will surely keep you safe when staying in a hotel. Hope you’ll have a safe hotel stay!

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